1:1 consults

Personalised advice to support you on your baby prep journey.

Meet our practitioners

Whether you are looking for some support on your preconception journey, looking to balance your hormones, wanting to deeply nourish yourself during pregnancy, prepare for your birth or work on postpartum recovery and postnatal depletion healing, we can help!

Our practitioners are degree-qualified health professionals with a love and passion for all things women’s health. 

Both Karina and Maddison run online clinics.


Naturopath (BHSc. Naturopathy)

Karina is a degree qualified Naturopath specialising in all things women’s health. She runs a face-to-face clinic here in SA and has a virtual clinic too making naturopathic healthcare reach women all over Australia and NZ!

Karina offers 1 on 1 consultations in which her particular focuses are developing sustainable lifestyle and nutritional practices to get you into optimal health. She loves combining traditional herbal wisdom with up-to-date scientific evidence to create individualized treatment protocols, tailored to your unique needs. She uses a combination of herbal medicines, flower essences, nutritional supplementation and more. She also loves doing further testing and interpreting test results from gut microbiome mapping, hair tissue mineral analysis, DNA testing and hair food compatibility testing. Her areas of passion are fertility, preconception care, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, endo, basically all things supporting women. She loves nothing more than helping women reach hormonal harmony to fall pregnant and start their little family.

  • Holistic naturopathic consultations
  • In depth testing and pathology reviews
  • From preconception care to more complex fertility issues
  • Guidance with wherever you are on your journey


Holistic Dietitian, Yoga Teacher & Women’s Circle Facilitator

Maddison is a holistic dietitian, mother and lover of all things holistic health and wellbeing. After spending years travelling and exploring different modalities and lenses of health, she now centres her work around blending the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual to achieve whole body alignment. 

Maddison’s approach to food is rooted in sustainability, locality and seasonality. She uses whole-food as medicine, by combining traditional ancestral wisdom with the latest scientific evidence. Her areas of interest include preconception, pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum recovery & depletion and little ones nutrition. 

As a mother herself, she loves to support women throughout their journey to motherhood. Maddison crafts personalised nutrition protocols to ensure you are deeply nourishing yourself and your little one. She likes to not only focus on optimising digestion of food, but also digestion of life through nervous system support (incorporating tools like yoga, meditation, embodiment/grounding practises, breath-work and Bush Flower essences). Maddison also facilitates mother blessing and fear release ceremonies in preparation for birth.

  • Holistic nutrition counselling
  • Personalised meal plans with the focus on food as medicine
  • Nervous system support
  • Fear release ceremonies
  • Mother blessing ceremonies (South Australia)