This is a question we seem to get asked quite a lot…

“When is the best time to start preparing?” or “how do I know when I’m ready?”

And our answer is nearly always the same. It is NEVER too early to start.. but if you want to know the 4 telltale signs, keep on reading.

The principle of preconception care and ‘baby prepping’ is far from new. In fact, this practise has been observed for centuries in various cultures around the globe. But here in the West, we are a little late to the game.

For many cultures around the world, preconception care or baby prepping isn’t limited to only the few months before conception, these are practises that they live by – always. Women are taught how to protect their reproductive future from day 1. This is just miraculous and a message we hope to spread far and wide!

But on a more practical note – if you know that you want to make the most of the incredible preconception window before conceiving, these are some telltale signs that you are in-fact ready to start baby prepping now:

1. You’re currently trying to conceive (yes, it isn’t too late to start!)

Having an understanding of your fertility cues & windows and how to live a fertile lifestyle is an absolute must to maximise your chances of conceiving. We hear of too many women that walk down the fertility treatment path without having any understanding as to when she is actually fertile each month. No fault of hers, as we were never taught this! Not only that, but our bodies have an innate biological blueprint, that naturally wants to prioritise reproduction. This is hardwired into us. Often the case is we have strayed from living a life that is actually inline with this blueprint (which is incredibly easy to do in this fast paced modern world). We teach you how to begin realigning your body to this innate blueprint and get you into a state where your body feels SAFE to start prioritising reproduction again in our Conscious Conception online course (psst. enrolments are now open).

2. A baby is on the cards in the next 2 or so years

If this is you, you’re currently in the perfect window to begin filling up your nutrient stores, focusing on optimising your detox pathways & minimising toxin exposure to give your future bub the best start possible. We rave on about the incredible preconception window (the 120 days directly prior to conception) because this is a very important time, where the egg and sperm that will go on to create your bub are actually developing and maturing. They have a lifecycle too! During the 120 days prior to conception, the egg and sperm are at their most vulnerable to environmental influences – both good AND bad influences. So by focusing on turning up the good, we are ensuring those two key baby making ingredients (the egg and sperm) are at their highest quality! The reason why we suggest starting to prepare for this even before this 120 day window is that the more time you put in prior to this, the more you actually get out. AND by starting earlier, you have the chance to work through any underlying conditions that may require more time – such as clearing hormonal contraception, rebalancing an out of balance microbiome or undergoing some heavier cleansing. 

3. You’re already a mum and are thinking of trying for number 2, 3, 4 or beyond

A mother loses around 10% of her mineral stores with each pregnancy, so it’s important to spend time replenishing after each pregnancy & birth for both you and your next bub. This is also why we explore the concept of baby spacing, due to this substantial mineral loss. Pregnancy is a BIG deal for the human body, it’s a very taxing task and requires time afterwards to properly heal and replenish. We often find, that once you’ve already started at a loss, or fallen pregnant quite soon after a previous pregnancy, it can be hard to play catch up, as you generally have less time and resources to dedicate to yourself, as you’re looking after your little ones. So mama, trust us, by taking the time between babies to adequately rebuild, you’ll be a happier & more nourished you at the end of the journey and you’re setting yourself up for the best chance of thriving and avoiding depletion. 

4. You aren’t planning a baby yet but want to learn how to reproductive future for when the time comes

Even if trying for a baby is still 5 or more years away for you, what you do now has the potential to impact the health of your future bub. We aren’t taught how to nourish our fertility for when our time comes, so we have combined traditional wisdom with the latest scientific evidence to give you that roadmap to protecting your reproductive health. This is the knowledge we wish was taught in all schools and the wisdom we will be passing onto our daughters and theirs too. By reclaiming our fertility and learning to tune into our bodies natural rhythms and biological blueprint, this will awaken change in the very way we view the journey of motherhood and we believe, will change the trajectory of our future generations. 

If any of these sound like you, then our Conscious Conception: A Baby Prep Journey course is for you! Enrolments are CURRENTLY OPEN for our February 2022 intake, we will be closing the doors & kicking off on the 7th of Feb. Will you be joining us? As always, we have such a beautiful group of women joining us and we would love to see you there too.