We LOVE the saying, just because you can fall pregnant, doesn’t mean you should just now. It has so much depth, just because we have the power to do something, is it the best or wisest choice at that particular time? 

When it comes to pregnancy and creating life, let’s be honest, many of us only do it 1, 2, 3 times, so why wouldn’t you make sure every single bub is the healthiest possible. 

Now, we often hear, “why should we spend time preparing our bodies for baby making? I’m pretty healthy”, “why do I need to focus on preconception care?” Or even the, “I’ll just give it a go first, see what happens, get help if I need it afterwards”. 

Well, here are FIVE common reasons that could play a role in your hormone health, your conception rates and fertility and even impact your baby’s health in the future. JUST incase you weren’t convinced that EVERY one should make preconception care a priority. 

Trust us, you do not want to be heading in to pregnancy with a sub optimal nutrient levels e.g. iron, or you’ll forever be playing catch up! Get a thorough blood test done at your GP and make sure you analyse your results for optimal range, not just sneaking in to the normal range. The intense rapid and growth associated with pregnancy makes it so important to ensure you are covering all your bases and are optimally nourished before conceiving.

These can all be signs that potentially your body isn’t baby ready, we want our hormones balanced so that healthy conception and implantation can take place. A common imbalance here is higher oestrogen to lower progesterone ratio. Progesterone is the hormone we produce after we ovulate and helps us get our uterus lining nice and thick and baby ready, if this is deficient and you are experiencing symptoms as above mentioned, it can be harder for implantation to occur and for pregnancy to stick around. 

Sis, it’s time to ditch the stress. Stress can impact the whole conception process including ovulation. In fact studies have found a link between women who stress day-to-day and lowered chances of pregnancy, one even finding that women who had high stress levels took 29% longer to get pregnant. They’ve even now found links between stress and having the potential to impact your child’s developing brain when pregnant. So, get on top of it while you can in the preconception phase! 

You know the facts, they are hard to ignore. The crucial 120 day window before conception can set up your child’s health for their entire life. The 3-4 months before conception when the egg and sperm are maturing inside can ensure you are well nourished, giving that egg all the nutrients it needs, protecting that precious DNA so that you can conceive your healthy bub. 

Nutrition is a vital aspect to health, and when you’re pregnant the demands increase further. So set yourself up nutritionally now, prioritise it and reap the benefits. We see so many clients under eating, skipping meals or eating junk food with very little nutritional value. This lack of focus on nutrition is not giving you the nutrients you need to thrive. So again, remind yourself to act as if you are already pregnant, you would give your bub the best nutrition available.


Anyway, back to our unbiased opinion, PRECONCEPTION CARE IS FOR EVERYONE. We’d love to guide you on your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself so you can create a healthy bub. Our online course Conscious Conception does just this, find out more here. 

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