We love the end of year celebrations – you’ve generally got more time on your hands, you travel, party, eat and drink! But you may be wondering, just how much of this can I be doing when I’m deep into my preconception phase?

By now, you would well know that egg and sperm take anywhere from 3-4 months to fully mature, so in that time frame anything you do or don’t do can impact this process. So just how can you navigate the silly season AND keep your fertility in mind? Here are our fertile festive season tips.

Tip 1 ~ Watch the alcohol


Now, we don’t want to be the fun police here, but alcohol is very anti-fertility in general. 

When it comes to alcohol limit, there is actually no amount that has been deemed safe by research in the preconception and even in to pregnancy, so our advice is to minimise and stop altogether if possible. If this isn’t possible completely, definitely just focus on not over-indulging. Too much alcohol can affect how our liver functions and in turn how our hormones communicate. 

What can I do instead? 

We LOVE kombucha over here at Women’s Wisdom Co. This is a great alternative and can make you feel a part of the celebrations without the guilt.

Tip 2 ~ Find some time to relax


Quite often the holidays can be more busy than the rest of the year, but it’s important here to find some time to relax. Don’t forget those self care routines and practices we’ve been learning over the last couple of months. You are just as important and they are too! 

What to try?

At the end of a long day of partying, celebrating and socialising take some time to light a candle and have a small meditation or breathing practice. Journalling can also be handy here to help you process all of the conversations and feelings that can sometimes arise over the holiday season. 


Tip 3 ~ Find the nutrition in the forrest of temptation! 

We KNOW that diet and nutritional intake can have a huge impact on your fertility and chances of conceiving. It’ll be one of the first things you read on every fertility blog, instagram page and book. And for the most part of the year it can be easy enough to focus on. But when the festive season comes around, so do the temptations. Our tip ~ find the nutritious option!

At just about every party there is always a nutritious option, whether it be the huge salad bowls, the trays of roast veggies and roast meats or the fruit platter for dessert.

What to do?

If you are heading to an event or party or even better if you are hosting yourself, why not bring a plate of healthy food with you? This can be super easy and it gives you an option to join in the festivities. Think fresh, flavoursome salads, fruit platters or even some healthy dips and veggie sticks.



Tip 4 ~ Don’t stress too much


Stress is going to be worse than many of the things above, so it’s super important to relax, have fun and not worry over the little things. A tip we have here is that if you want to enjoy that piece of Christmas pudding or pavlova just balance it out with something on the fertility friendly food list. For example, some roasted beetroot at lunch and some pavlova for dessert. After all life is all about balance. Ditch that guilt!

Tip 5 ~ Continue your prenatal supplement

It can be quite easy to forget taking your prenatal supplement regime when the holidays roll around, but they can actually be more important than ever! Especially if your diet and nutritional intake is reduce a little bit (as it is always over Christmas). Remembering your supplements here can actually be more of an insurance policy and fill any gaps you may miss out on in this time frame.

Our tip? 

Set a phone reminder, so you get alerted to remember to take those supplements. Simple, yet effective.

We hope these tips help you navigate the silly seasons a little easier and always remember in times of doubt to keep your end goal in mind. A healthy, happy and thriving bub!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year every body! 

Written by Karina Marschall
Women’s Health Naturopath 
Women’s Wisdom Co