We get it, there’s constant bombardment in the online space with products and things to buy and it can be incredibly hard to navigate your way through all of this. It’s tough to know where to invest your time and money and what will actually help, and adding possible financial limitations to the list, you can be left feeling pretty stuck. Sound familiar? Well we are here with some very good news. There are also PLENTY of free things that you can start doing today that can really improve your fertility, that don’t require anyone but yourself – because at the end of the day, it’s all of your little actions during the day that can add up to make a huge difference. ⁣

1. Basking in sunlight ~ so many of us are vitamin D deficient (which is a key nutrient for fertility) and the sun is the number one source. It also helps our circadian rhythm, mood balance and nearly everything. Aim for 10-15 minutes of sun exposure each day. Another tip is to try catching a sunrise or sunset. 

2. Drink clean water ~ the amount of chemicals added to our tap water is seriously alarming, only adding to our toxic load. Investing in a good quality filter is a must (which yes, is a once off purchase, but you won’t be paying for bottled water etc). ⁣If you are lucky enough to have a rain water tank, this is often cleaner than tap water (and totally free). But a filter would still be wise!

3. Stretch, move, walk ~ get your lymphatic system moving & your blood pumping to clear waste products and regenerate. ⁣Our favourite forms of movement are walking, yoga and dancing. 

4. Walk barefoot on the earth ~ grounding. The earth emits its own frequency that we are all meant to be attuning to daily. ⁣Aim to take your shoes off and stand barefoot on the earth at least once a day. Bonus points if it is in a forest or at the beach. 

5. Meditate ~ our minds have so much to continuously think about, which leaves many of us in prolonged fight or flight mode. Find a meditation practise to help manage your stress and improve your overall well-being. ⁣Insight timer is a great free app with lots of beginner friendly practises. 

6. Dance ~ the ultimate feel good tool. Feeling flat / lethargic / stagnant? Put on your favourite song and dance yourself silly. Seriously try it and see how good you feel after! ⁣

7. Deep breathe ~ so many of us are shallow breathers and our oxygen is our life force. By taking a few deep breaths you not only flood your cells with oxygen but you also begin activating your parasympathetic nervous system. ⁣Practise bringing awareness to and extending your breath a few times a day, by both inhaling and exhaling to a slow count of 7 if you can. You’ll feel the difference.

Give these a try ladies and let us know which ones are your favourites! 

Written by Maddison
Holistic Dietitian & Yoga Teacher
Women’s Wisdom Co