So, if you’re on your preconception or fertility journey it’s likely you’ve recently come off hormonal contraception and you are starting to get to know your natural rhythms and cycles. After all, understanding your cycle health is the FIRST step to understanding your fertility.

You may be looking for the next level up when it comes to understanding your cycle and fertile window. And we have just the method for you! Known as the Fertility Awareness Method, this is a form of non-hormonal cycle tracking. It’s based on taking your basal body temperature (your temperature at rest) each day, this can give us some helpful information regarding your cycle. Just after ovulation, when your body starts to produce progesterone, your temperature actually has a sharp spike! This is noticeable enough to see on a chart and therefore you can see when you’ve ovulated for that month.

On this chart you can see the spike of temperature directly after ovulation. Source: Tempdrop

Now, after a few months of cycle tracking you can become quite aware of your own rhythms, you can begin to predict and confirm ovulation AND based on this you can either have unprotected sex (if trying to conceive) or avoid unprotected sex (if using as contraception).

If trying to conceive ~ have sex around ovulation (for best chance at pregnancy have sex the day of ovulation or the 5 days leading up to ovulation, this is when sperm can stay alive in a women’s reproductive tract)

If trying to avoid conception ~ avoid unprotected sex on the day of ovulation and the 5 days prior. After you’ve learned the pattern of your fertile window, you’ll be able to unprotected sex at all other times of the month and not fall pregnant.

It’s literally magic, just how our bodies give us these cues and signs that give us so much insight

So, how to get started?

The EASIEST WAY is to start with Tempdrop. This is a wearable band that helps you track your temp with ease. It is actually designed for the modern woman, to filter out disturbances that may normally impact your temperature readings such as disrupted sleep, breastfeeding etc. You simply wear it to bed each night and connect it to your phone app in the morning.

Trust me, I’ve used multiple devices for temping and it was only since I bought Tempdrop that I actually love doing it and have stuck with the practice.


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Happy temping! 

The WWC Team