If you’re familiar with our work and you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll likely know about how detrimental stress can be for a whole host of bodily systems, especially our hormones + fertility. Stress and ovulation are most definitely not friends – in fact high levels of stress can actually halt ovulation all-together. We like to make this well-known and are huge advocates for providing women with practical TOOLS to implement in their lives! Because let’s be real, we all KNOW that long-term stress can be detrimental. We hear it all the time, but the reality is in this modernise society truly managing it can be so much easier said than done. 

Knowing you need to stress less and ACTUALLY stressing less are two very different things. 

But in saying all that, it doesn’t mean we want to avoid stress in life all together. That’s almost impossible in this fast paced, modern society we all are taking part in! So rather than transporting yourself to the top of a mountain (which would be quite lovely sometimes) we like to equip our women with the ability to identify and respond to the inevitable stressors in their day to day life so they can take control, rather than stress controlling them.

And that is where journalling comes it.. We find journalling a wonderful release. The simple act of writing your worries down, automatically gives your mind permission to let it go. Here are some prompts that we like to use:

1) What are my main stressors in life right now?

2) What about these situations has me feeling stressed?

3) Can I do anything to change the situations / ease my stress response? (and which of these are completely out of my control)

4) A list of things that make me happy…

Give this a try in your evening routine and let us know how you find them. If you are looking for some more activities to support you in your baby prep journey, join us for more in our 12 week Conscious Conception online course.

By Maddison 
Holistic Dietitan & Yoga Teacher
Women’s Wisdom Co