We cannot believe where this year went?! Time flies when you’re having fun! We thought we’d write a little bit of a Christmas gift guide for those of you deep in the preconception phase or trying to enhance their fertility for the new year. 

Whether you find something on this list that you want, send a subtle (or not so subtle) link to your partner or mum, you may find something that your friend might like who’s very much on the baby prep train OR even better, you are just looking for a TREAT YOURSELF kinda gift, we’ve got you. 

Let’s get into it!

  • 1. Conscious Conception Online Course: A Baby Prep Journey 

Quite often we hear the phrase, what do you get someone who has everything? Well, our answer, the gift of education! Our online course is just that, a transformative and educational gift that just keeps on giving. We cover the basics to fertility and living a fertile lifestyle for no matter what journey you are on. 

This could also be a great couples gift, for you and your partner, after all this gift will tell you exactly how to optimise your DNA (the gift you’re giving your little bub) so that they can be set up for life.

Check out more info about our online course here. 

  • 2. Tempdrop: Temperature Tracking Device

We are huge advocates for the fertility awareness method and learning to track and understand your cycle. And this little device does just that. It’s our favourite device as you literally strap it on at night and forget about it. In the morning your sync it to your phone and just like that you can keep track of your fertile window aka baby making time! 

Shop the device here and use the code WISDOMTEMP for a 10% off code.

If you aren’t familiar with the fertility awareness method, read more here. 

  • 3. DIY Cleaning kit

So, if you’ve been on your baby prep journey for a while you’ll know we are ALL about living a low tox life. As what we expose ourselves to we are exposing our future bub to. We love this little gift set from ECO Modern Essentials, the DIY Cleaning kit. It contains a selection of pure essential oils to help naturally clean your home. This kit even includes some recipes to help get you started. 

Shop the gift set here. 


  • 4. A Consultation with our holistic health practitioners: the gift of health 

Why not start the year off in the best possible way, setting health goals, getting personalised advice and kicking goals! Both Maddison and I (Karina) offer 1 on 1 holistic health consults, we can tailor a unique prenatal supplement plan for you, help you make meal and nutritional plans and guide you on being the most healthy version of yourself! 

Check out more about our practitioners and what we can help you with here. 

  • 5. Magic of I Journal/Diary

The emotional prep in preconception care plays just as an important role as the physical prep. One of our favourite tools for this is journalling, so why not gift a journal this year! Our favourite is Magic of I journals/diaries, with intention planning, goal setting, menstrual cycle tracking withe the moon and more, this diary is one to have in 2022!

Shop Magic of I here and use the code “MADDISONCATE” to save 10%.

We hope this little gift list gave you some inspo. Happy shopping every body! 

Written by Karina Marschall
Women’s Health Naturopath
Women’s Wisdom Co