It’s no secret, fertility issues are on the rise with 1 in 6 couples in Australia struggling to conceive. A lot of the time the emphasis is placed on the women in this situation but did you know that in roughly 50% of infertility cases the man is the main cause? 

~ The average sperm count in 1940s was roughly 113 million per ejaculate and it is now estimated to be around 47 million per ejaculate, that’s more than a 50% drop! 

~ Not only has the sperm count dropped but research has found that as much as fourteen percent of the sperm contained chromosomal abnormalities which increases the chances of issues in offspring. 

This infographic shows how dramatically the average sperm count has dropped over time. 

So, what on earth has lead to this drastic decline? 

Many studies have looked into this, one focusing on the increase of unhealthy fats in our diets, those heated polyunsaturated vegetable oils (including corn oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil) which may contribute to sperm dysfunction. 

Another potential cause of sperm decline has been the increased exposure to estrogenic compounds found in plastics, drinking water, personal hygiene products and pesticides which all lead to abnormal hormone function and sperm issues. 

Other factors that lead to male sperm issues include heavy metal exposure, toxin exposure, drug and alcohol use, smoking, obesity, poor nutritional intake and so on. 

The good news? The silver lining? 

Men have quite the magnificent power here, their sperm have a lifecycle of roughly 74 days, so in just a few months of improving and optimising their health they can be creating healthier and stronger sperm! We love educating couples on this area because it can have such a HUGE impact! 

How to get your man on board? 

  1. Give him the stats
    Let him know the sperm stats from above! This may shock him into getting his health in order.
  2. Ensure him it’s only for a short time
    We spoke about spermatogenesis, the development of sperm cells that takes around 74 days, so this is the minimum required and a lot can be done in this stage!
  3. Show him the facts! 
    Many studies have investigated the relation between food, dietary patterns and supplementation and sperm and found positive associations. One study found men who ate higher amounts of green leafy veg and beans (legumes) had higher sperm concentrations and better sperm motility.

Ok, he’s on board, what comes next? 

It can be an overwhelming world when it comes to fertility, what to eat, what to avoid, what supplements to take, what skincare products to use, how many times should I eat this a week? How much is too much? You get the picture, that’s why we’ve done the information gathering for you. 

In our 12 week online course ~ Conscious Conception: A Baby Prep Journey ~ we guide not only females along their baby prep journey but we also have a specific module about all things men and improving sperm quality and count! Let’s get our men on board and start creating generational change! 

Written by Karina Marschall
Women’s Health Naturopath
Women’s Wisdom Co