Exercise is a big piece of the wellness puzzle and is a great tool in your conception preparation journey. It has been shown that women who keep active have improved fertility and tend to get pregnant quicker. It is also a great tool for your mental health and stress management as well. The concoction of endorphins and getting moving is a form of therapy in itself. Exercise also supports circulation which includes the blood and lymphatic system. This is how nutrients are transported around our body to the tissues where we need them. The lymph is also a big player when it comes to detoxing and clearing things from the body.

But in saying that, it’s important to not flip the scales too much one way. There is a fine line with exercising, as it is still technically perceived as a form of stress on your body.

Ovulation and fertility is affected by excessively exercising, so moderation is key. Also if you aren’t one to exercise regularly, now isn’t the time to take up heavy exercise. The body perceives exercise as a form of stress and stress and ovulation are not friends. High intensity forms of exercise such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), which is popular at the moment isn’t your friend either in the lead-up to conception. We want to be focusing on preserving and nourishing your energy. This isn’t to discourage activity or exercise, it is just a reminder to be mindful of how hard you are pushing your body in this area. 

We still recommend 30 minutes of activity each day, but just gentler forms of exercise that don’t cause as much strain or stress on the body.

Some of the best forms of exercise to enjoy during your preconception preparation phase (that can also usually be continued during pregnancy) are:

  • walking
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • swimming
  • light weight training
  • low-impact aerobic workouts
  • cycling

But now most definitely isn’t the time to be crafting an elaborate workout routine if that isn’t something you would usually incorporate. We like to simply focus on the term movement. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Set yourself a goal to get in roughly 30 minutes of some form of movement most days. You can get creative – dance, stretch, flow. Listen to what your body needs. 

Happy moving ladies! 


Written by Maddison Milton
Holistic Dietitian & Yoga Teacher
Women’s Wisdom Co