Let’s dive into what conscious conception actually means! To start with, this doesn’t just mean consciously choosing when to conceive – (this is a part of it) but this is actually the LAST step of many. 

There is a bit of a misconception that growing a baby starts from the moment you conceive, but it actually starts months beforehand, while the sperm are growing and egg cells are still maturing inside of us. 


Our eggs and sperm are products of us and what we have been exposed to over our entire lifetimes. Unfortunately, for many of us following a conventional lifestyle, we don’t realise just how much we are unknowingly exposing our future children to – heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, medications and chemicalsI’m sure if given the choice, we would all say no to exposing our future babies to these things, so why wouldn’t we take the time to prepare as best we can? 

The sperm life cycle is roughly 90 days, meaning men should really be consciously preparing for sharing their half of the DNA for at least 3 months prior to conception. Females on the other hand, we are born with ALL our immature follicles, BUT it takes around 4 months for each egg to mature, so consciously preparing should definitely be taking place at least 4 months prior to conception. However, we tend to agree that the more prep time the better.

There are many layers that makeup consciously preparing your body to be the most nourishing and fertile home for your future children: 


  1. Understanding and balancing your hormonal rhythms 
  2. Removing environmental toxins 
  3. Nourishing diet and nutrient replenishment 
  4. Emotional and stress management 
  5. Psychospiritual aspects